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How I met my wife

According to experts in relationships, you will know your wife when you meet her. This was what happened to me when I met my wife. It happens that I had prayed to have to a homely wife; wife that can take good care of my children. It is a good thing to say that my wife is my classmate. I met her in my university. She used to live in my hostel during her undergraduate years. So, one day one of my cousin sister who is in my school visited me with her. At first sight, I loved her stature and her humane nature. Without wasting time, I started to ask my cousin to tell me more things about her friend. In her humility and simplicity, my cousin sister told me that the girl is very good, honorable and decent. All those things too were what I had seen within the shortest period they visited me.

So, after few days, it happens that she is interested in me, so when I told her the much I loved her, she responded positively. I didnt know that she loved me the moment she saw me. So after accepting each other. I didnt waste time, because such kind of girls comes once in a lifetime. So, I started to date with her, from there we entered into courtship, and one thing led to the other, I proposed to her on the eve of my birthday and she accepted. This is how I married the girl of my dream. It is exactly two years now that I married her, and I have never had any regret marrying her because she has been there for me both in good times as well as few challenging or hard times. She is the angel of my life.