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Different Kinds of Men's Dress Shoes

Shoes are a matter of choice of every individual. They are in variety of colors, styles and sizes defining each individual with their choice of preference. It totally depends on every individual to choose whatever style or color they like but there are some rules that should be kept in mind before purchasing the different shoes.
There are several varieties of men’s dress shoes, and not each can be worn at the same occasion. Wearing the same type to a funeral, opera or a wedding would just look unpleasant. The black sleek shoes are considered to be the most formal but some choose to wear brown. Every formal shoe is to be worn to a suitable occasion which many people don’t know of. There is either the lace up shoes or the slip on formal shoe, black from all the color is most preferred. Formal men’s shoes have a wee bit or no design or pattern on them.

Believed to be in the vogue since the 80’s the wingtip dress shoes are the most formal ones. They are suitable almost for all the events and functions but they are not to be worn daily. They are curved both down the shoe and at the back. These pointed formal dress shoes can be easily identified, black giving an exceptional formal look whereas brown colored wingtip would give more of a casual feel.

The oxford dress shoes are the most formal dress shoes as compared to other types. They are a must in the every man’s formal shoes collection. They are sleek shoes with a rounded tip and closed lacing. Having its own unique niche this shoe is a keeper, perfect for every formal event.

Dress boots are more of the rugged side of the shoes collection. They are more preferred for travelling purposes as they are easy to wear and move about. This shoe is a perfect choice for cold chilly winters and a casual party or event. It just totally boosts up your whole outfit.

Another popular range of shoes is the slip on formal shoes. These shoes are the most popular shoes among the whole men’s formal shoes collection as they are easy to slip on and slip off, giving a sleek and formal look. They are available few other colors other than black, such as, brown and tan. Moreover, are preferably worn with formal and as well as casual suiting.

Also the odd but then again one of the most stylish formal shoes are the white dress shoes that look great in summers for every formal event and function one wants to attend.

Men can find these remarkable pairs of shoes from online stores and also by just going to the nearest shoes market. One thing that has to be kept in mind is that, when buying formal shoes is that the quality of them has to be outstanding. One doesn’t want to spend so much money on pair of shoes that won’t even last four to five wears. Furthermore, whatever type of shoes you wear, own it and work it!